Blitzenware Document Management System For WordPress

By | May 12, 2017

Originally designed for use in a law office, the Document Management system plugin is a complete digital filing cabinet. Files of any format can be uploaded, organized, and shared while access is controlled with a complete permissions system.

Features Include:

  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface.
  • Storage for an unlimited number of documents that can be uploaded, managed, secured, and shared with DMS Pro. (The free version is limited to 500 documents.)
  • Documents can be organized by projects.
  • File upload progress bar with DMS Pro.
  • Localization support is included.
  • Login required to access, manage, and download documents.
  • Documents can be accessed without login with the DMS Pro upgrade.
  • Thumbnail support for document images with the DMS Pro upgrade.
  • Documents can be categorized and searched for via name, owner, or a keyword/properties search system.
  • Up to ten properties fields can be set for the documents. These properties fields can be used to search for documents.
  • Folders can be managed through a complete permissions system and the sub-folder nesting is unlimited.
  • Documents can be secured with a complete permissions system.
  • The permissions system includes user, group, and everyone permissions.
  • Permissions can be inherited, if so desired.
  • There is no limit to the nesting of sub-folders.
  • The document repository can be moved to increase security.

The “Pro” release adds the following features:

  • Support for an unlimited number of documents.
  • User, document, and folder auditing.
  • Version control of documents. Old versions will be stored and can be accessed if need be.
  • Documents can be checked-out and checked-in by users so as to lock them when they are being edited.
  • Public access to documents can be granted.
  • Document summaries displayed on the Properties Search page.
  • The title can be set by the administrator.
  • Users, or groups of users, can be notified by e-mail if a document changes in a folder.
  • Mass importation of documents by copying an entire tree of folders and/or documents up to the web server.
  • Documents can be accessed and/or imported from the Media Library.
  • Document comments can be displayed on the main screen to provide more information about the document.

Planned additions to the “Pro” version:

  • Document lifecycles.
  • Document Template System.
  • Subscriptions system for documents. Users can be notified, by e-mail, of document changes.