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Coming Soon! Document Lifecycles and Automatic User Folder Creation

Coming soon to DMS Pro:  Document Lifecycles and Automatic user folder creation!   With document lifecycles, you will be able to configure stages that a document gets moved through.  For example, a document could go through three stages, draft, review, and final.  One user would submit the document in the draft folder and promote the… Read More »

DMS Pro 1.46 has been released!

DMS Pro 1.46 has been release!  DMS Pro adds to your DMS Document Management Plugin and provides many advanced features!   DMS Pro 1.46 contains the following improvements: Additional support for localization. Routed document links can be deleted.  

Blitzenware Document Management System For WordPress

Originally designed for use in a law office, the Document Management system plugin is a complete digital filing cabinet. Files of any format can be uploaded, organized, and shared while access is controlled with a complete permissions system. Features Include: Simple and Intuitive User Interface. Storage for an unlimited number of documents that can be… Read More »

DMS Pro 1.45 is coming soon!

Version 1.45 of DMS Pro, which provides a document management system for WordPress, will be available soon!  This version will fix a couple minor bugs in the internal document routing system and will be available within the week.

DMS 1.00 and DMS Pro 1.20 have been released!

The new DMS Pro 1.20 Plugin for WordPress includes the capability to import a virtually unlimited number of documents into the document management system by the administrator. The directory tree is uploaded to the web server and the document management system is set to “point” at folder at this tree. When each folder (or subfolder)… Read More »

Document and File Importing

Many people have asked me for an easy way to import multiple documents and files into the Document Management System.  I am working on adding the capability, to the DMS Pro plugin, to allow you to upload files and/or directories to your web server then link that directory tree seamlessly into the Document Management System.

Coming Soon!

Coming soon are some user interface improvements such as a smoother look, drop-down menus instead of the clunky buttons, and a progress bar for file uploads.