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DMS Pro 1.33 is now available!

The File Options screen now displays a URL that can be used to send to users to share documents. The document must have Everyone permissions set to at least read-only and Everyone must be set to include non-authenticated users in the Configuration.

DMS Pro 1.30 is now available!

DMS Pro 1.30 is now available.  You can get it on the Software tab as “DMS Pro”.  This version now interfaces with the “SP Client Document Manager for WordPress” and allows for an easy path for importing documents into DMS Pro.  

Version 0.99 and DMS Pro 1.10 have been released

Improvements to the user interface have been made.  The options screens have an improved menu system and the DMS Pro upgrade now has a progress bar that is displayed when uploading files.  A diagnostics screen has also been added.

DMS 0.97 and DMS Pro Update

The DMS 0.97 plugin is in development and will contain a few bug fixes. The DMS Pro plugin is available in the software tab. Some minor issues have been found with WordPress 4.4 and will be fixed soon.