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    I have recently purchased the pro plugin. I now want to send some files to clients I would only want them to see, and would not want to share with others. Consequently, I need to restrict the file to a specific user or group of users using their credentials to sign in to open the file.

    I know I could upload the file to a directory that their credential will let them download from, and inform them that I had done that. I note there is a facility to enable e-mail notification, but I’m not sure how that works! Is there a way I can send a link that will take them to the file which having used their login credentials they can download?




    At this moment, the way to send an e-mail notification would be to enable Folder Subscriptions within the configuration. Once enabled, the administrator is able to subscribe groups or users to a particular folder from the folder options screen. After either groups or users are subscribed, those groups or users will receive an e-mail if there is a change in the contents of that folder. (This does not apply to sub-folders of that folder.)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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