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    I am using the free plugin, but my “web guy” is scheduled to update to DMS pro early next week.
    I have set permissions for a specific user to a Directory as “read only”. The folder contains 1 document (I am waiting for DMS pro before I upload all the documents), everything is fine in terms if accessing and seeing only the folder I had given the user permisions to see. The user could download the file and save it as somthing else in the user’s dirctories on the PC or server. I noticed above the folder was the icons to create a directory and upload a file. I didn’t attempt to create a new directory, but I was able to upload a document.
    I logged in the next day as the test user, and the file was in the directory. Altough not tagged with any permissions, I was able to download it.

    In the pro version will I have the facility to create a permission that ideally doesn’t show the icons, but allows downloads. As a minimum I would like to stop users with read only permissions (i.e. can download documents they have permissions to see) from creating sub directories or uploading files to the directories they can access.

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    To double-check the system, I just setup a folder and document as you described and, when logged in as the user with read-only permissions, did not see the icons. Please check the folder permissions for the user who should not be seeing the icons. The permissions system will use the most permissive permission to determine what permissions a user has to a folder. For example, if “everyone” has edit permissions and the user has read-only permissions, the user will have edit permissions.

    If your system is accessible from the internet, and you are able, please contact me at and I’ll be happy to login and check the permissions system settings.

    Please feel free to e-mail me for any other issues as well, of course.




    All sorted. Although I had permissions for all set to read only. I had the test account as the owner of the drectory. Whilst the test account could only see the files set to give read only access (there were other files in the directory, but the test user did not have any permissions for them). However, the account could upload any document from the pc to the directory, as the test account was the owner of the directory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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