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    Hello Brian,
    I’m interested in dms pro plugin, but I’ve some doubts:
    We’re developing a website to allow users (with different user roles) to upload/download files associated to their group from frontend. Each user will be able to create folders/subfolders and upload files only in his folder group.
    – can plugin manage user roles permission? Or can it manage only groups and users permission (for example assign Edit pemission to Editor user role)?
    – can users get notification on upload files/new version (about their folders)?
    – is it possible disable permission management for users who creates new folders/subfodlers? (Only inherit permission from main folder)
    – is plugin theme responsable?
    – is available full functions documentation?
    – is available a demo pro version with full functions? Or if I buy plugin but it doesn’t meet our requirements, could I ask for refund?

    Thank you!




    While we are corresponding via e-mail, here are the answers…

    DMS uses a separate permissions system that has browse, read-only, edit, and owner permissions for both users, groups, and everyone.

    User notification, within folders, exists in DMS Pro as part of the subscription system.

    Permission management can’t be disabled at this time. Adding a global feature to do so will not be hard to do and will probably be added soon.

    The DMS Plugin can be customized by editing a style sheet. In the future, I probably should synchronize the classes so they will work better with WordPress themes.

    There is documentation on this site. I add to it from time to time.

    Best Regards,




    Hi Brain, thank you for your quick response!




    I’m currently using free version of DMS Plugin. However, when I made the last update, I could not access my documents. The file structure and the documents appear to be in place, but when I want to open it gives HTTP 500 error (Internal Server Error). Will I fix the problem if I get Pro version ? Another issue is about purchasing a Pro version. Unfortunately PayPal does not serve in Turkey. How can I pay in this case ?
    I will be grateful if you could help me.

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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