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    Hi Brian,

    I purchased your plugin. Now i have some query about group editor. I create one group: Test Group. I have 6-7 users and i assigned 3 user into Test Group.
    Now i upload one file and set the permission. In permission section there are two scenarios.
    scenario 1: Group
    scenario 2: User

    If i select the Test Group and click on Edit add button, now that Test group should remove from the select box of Group because there is no meaning if i assign that again to Read Only list box. I think once we select any group then that group should be remove from Group drop down.

    Below the User select box i can see the users which is in the Test Group which i created. There is no meaning of why they are into that user select box. It is very confusing.
    Can you please suggest how i can restrict it. If you have some code then please email me.





    While the issue with the group still being listed is mostly aesthetic, I see your point as to why the group should only be in one select box at a time.

    The user select box allows you to grant read or edit permissions to a user and has no relationship to whether the user is in a group or not. If your user is in the “Test” group and you grant the Test group read permissions then grant the user edit permissions, that user will have edit permissions. So a user can be individually granted higher permissions than the group allows. Or am I misunderstanding your question?

    I have had some people wondering how to restrict the visible user accounts, however, that would practically require a permissions system for the permissions system.

    Best Regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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