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    I am just doing some sense checking before I get my web developer to get the DMS Pro Plugin. Currently when I log in using my WP credentials it takes me to the Admin page. Obviously, I would want my clients to be directed straight to the url that is hosting the Document Library. I am assuming that this is a relatively common request? If it is, is there a piece of code or a plugin that you can recommend for the job?

    I notice that when I visit the DMS web page for my site when I’m not logged in I see nothing at all -as all of my files and folders are assigned to me, (which is good!); if a client is logged in will they see only the folders and files they have permissions for, or will they see them all. but not be able to access the files/folders for which they don’t have permissions?




    I am using the “Login with Ajax” plugin. While I don’t re-direct the login to the Document Management System installation on this site, the login plugin appears to have such a capability.

    Users who login will only see files/folders for which they have the proper permissions to see. If a file/folder permission is not at least read-only, they will see nothing.

    Also, for DMS Pro to function, the free DMS plugin will have to be installed and activated. The DMS Pro plugin requires the free DMS plugin to function.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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