DMS 1.00 and DMS Pro 1.20 have been released!

The new DMS Pro 1.20 Plugin for WordPress includes the capability to import a virtually unlimited number of documents into the document management system by the administrator. The directory tree is uploaded to the web server and the document management system is set to “point” at folder at this tree. When each folder (or subfolder)… Read More »

Document and File Importing

Many people have asked me for an easy way to import multiple documents and files into the Document Management System.  I am working on adding the capability, to the DMS Pro plugin, to allow you to upload files and/or directories to your web server then link that directory tree seamlessly into the Document Management System.

Version 0.99 and DMS Pro 1.10 have been released

Improvements to the user interface have been made.  The options screens have an improved menu system and the DMS Pro upgrade now has a progress bar that is displayed when uploading files.  A diagnostics screen has also been added.

Coming Soon!

Coming soon are some user interface improvements such as a smoother look, drop-down menus instead of the clunky buttons, and a progress bar for file uploads.

New Versions of Both DMS Plugins Have Been Released!

Version 0.98 of the DMS Plugin is now available and it has minor bug fixes, support for future upgrades, and support for the changes to version 1.01 of the DMS Pro Plugin. The DMS Pro Plugin has been updated to version 1.01. Included in this release are support for e-mail notifications if a file is… Read More »

Next Version of the DMS Pro Plugin is in Development

The next version of the DMS Pro Plugin is in development.  This version will support a notifications system where users can receive e-mails if there is a change in a folder.  Also included will be support for thumbnails for pictures.